Stripes, Lace, Belts and Boots!

I actually borrowed from Lalah this time.
Kandi-Styles aka Mom says:
Yep, you see right, the "baby" put a skirt over her dress. I guess it needed a little something extra!I will say that I love the lace cardigan over the stripes.

Lalah says:
cl@zzik moma (love it) my dress (that she picked out) lookz awesome on our body types and of course she put her individual twist on it kewl:)

Dress- Marshalls
On Lalah-lace cardigan(Target), skirt(Ross), boots (payless)
On Kandi-Style- Cardigan (JC Penny), Belt(Sears), boots (Target) and Striped Blazer(The Limited)


Bajan Beauty said...

I really like this! Both you ladies really worked your looks =)

Kandi-STYLE said...

@Bajan Beauty Thanks!

Jessica said...

Live your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Antoinette said...

You are such a hot mama! Loving your gorgeous blog.

MsBabyPlan said...

You two are so pretty. You like sisters and it is beautiful to see that you can both share outfits.

Jess the balanced libra said...

Lalah u look amazing in this outfit! love the entire outfit! so creative to put a skirt over the dress. I've never done that!