Denim on Denim

The 'baby' and I are going to a birthday party/'cook-out'!  I was sooo excited to carry my new brown leather clutch that I neglected to take the tag off! Lol, I was so excited, I paid $4.00 for it the other day at one of my favorite thrifting spots!

On LaLah--Jacket-Old Navy, T-shirt-Target, Skirt-Rue 21, Sandals-Nine West.

On KandiSTYLE- Shirt-Jessica Simpson(via Dillard's), Jeans-NY & Co., Belt- Michael Kors, Shoes-Target, Clutch-Carolina Thrift.


Thrifty Ladies...

We're both wearing thrifted tops today... mine was originally a dress that I turned into a top, and hers was initially a blazer that I purchased for me, but it was reeeaaally tight (or too small-depends on how you look at it) on me so my loss was her gain.


Black and White...

I was doing an outfit post for Everybody, Everywear-Black and White, and since somebody was wearing black and white we had to take a pic!



Bows all around!!!

Today's item... sundresses dressed with bows!

This is probably one of my favorite sundresses.  I watched this dress for a year before I purchased it.  I had to wait for it to go on sale!

Yep, that's a cornfield behind me (LOL)!^^^^

An up close look at the print of my dress...

Lalah's wearin' bows too...

 Up close print of the print of Lalah's dress...


Hers and hers..."Patterns"!

Today's item is her patterned skirt and my patterned dress...

So her (Lalah's) "patterns" used to be my "patterns", but I *ahem* outgrew it!

They grow up so fast, I remember when she only wore hoodies and hi-tops exclusively!

My "patterns" were a recent purchase from Wal-Mart. My skirt length is pushing it, but I wore it anyway!


That's my baby...

Moms and daughters!!! Everyday my daughter does something that reminds me of myself, SMH!

                                           Look at my baby!

Me and the baby!

Bria and Nicole Murphy(mom)
India and Charlie Baltimore(mom)

LisaRaye(mom) and Kai

I love being a mom!


Freaky Friday "The 13th"

Friday the 13th (of May) is the perfect opportunity for "Freaky Friday"! My daughter and I both got these stretch skinnies from NY&Co (sound familiar)on clearance for $14.00! She dressed me and I dressed her--lookit...