Her Jeans....My Jeans

I got these jeans at New York & Co during one of those buy one, get one sales.
Both pair are tall... She's 5"11 and I'm 6'3" pair-size size 10 and one size 12.

From the website:

Here we are


The Rundown:
Hoodie-Converse, T-shirt-Ross, Jeans-NY&Co,Shoes-Converse


Blazer-NY&Co, Blouse-I Heart Ronson (JC Penny), Jeans-NY&Co, Shoes Jessica Simpson
Accessories: Earrings-Target, Bracelet-NY&Co, Necklace-NY&Co


Miss Pancakes said...

excited for your new venture fashion wars..err...debates...i love it!

Emmi said...

I have the exact same thing with my mom; we're borrowing each other clothes all the time! Well, let's say they're more like shared, hehe!

You too look absolutely stunning!:) (especially love the heels!) I'm glad I found your blog!
Check out my new blog, and tell me what you think?


The Trick to Life

Jen said...

Oh, I love this blog! I didn't realize you both were so gorgeously tall - I'd be a lil' peanut next you both in that picture at 5'-9", lol!

Jess the balanced libra said...

You look so perfect in this outfit Ilove your style Kandi! love yours too Lalah but im a mommy so...