Denim on Denim

The 'baby' and I are going to a birthday party/'cook-out'!  I was sooo excited to carry my new brown leather clutch that I neglected to take the tag off! Lol, I was so excited, I paid $4.00 for it the other day at one of my favorite thrifting spots!

On LaLah--Jacket-Old Navy, T-shirt-Target, Skirt-Rue 21, Sandals-Nine West.

On KandiSTYLE- Shirt-Jessica Simpson(via Dillard's), Jeans-NY & Co., Belt- Michael Kors, Shoes-Target, Clutch-Carolina Thrift.


Thrifty Ladies...

We're both wearing thrifted tops today... mine was originally a dress that I turned into a top, and hers was initially a blazer that I purchased for me, but it was reeeaaally tight (or too small-depends on how you look at it) on me so my loss was her gain.


Black and White...

I was doing an outfit post for Everybody, Everywear-Black and White, and since somebody was wearing black and white we had to take a pic!