Stripes, Lace, Belts and Boots!

I actually borrowed from Lalah this time.
Kandi-Styles aka Mom says:
Yep, you see right, the "baby" put a skirt over her dress. I guess it needed a little something extra!I will say that I love the lace cardigan over the stripes.

Lalah says:
cl@zzik moma (love it) my dress (that she picked out) lookz awesome on our body types and of course she put her individual twist on it kewl:)

Dress- Marshalls
On Lalah-lace cardigan(Target), skirt(Ross), boots (payless)
On Kandi-Style- Cardigan (JC Penny), Belt(Sears), boots (Target) and Striped Blazer(The Limited)


Her Jeans....My Jeans

I got these jeans at New York & Co during one of those buy one, get one sales.
Both pair are tall... She's 5"11 and I'm 6'3" pair-size size 10 and one size 12.

From the website:

Here we are


The Rundown:
Hoodie-Converse, T-shirt-Ross, Jeans-NY&Co,Shoes-Converse


Blazer-NY&Co, Blouse-I Heart Ronson (JC Penny), Jeans-NY&Co, Shoes Jessica Simpson
Accessories: Earrings-Target, Bracelet-NY&Co, Necklace-NY&Co


Introduction-Blazers and Hoodies

LALAH (Daughter)-
My mom just doesn't get my swag... I'm fourteen and she wants to dress me like I'm 30!  I don't know why hoodies offend her so much BUT that's how I roll. I'm excited about this project because I think my mom might learn something!


Blazers and Hoodies-Introduction

Kandi-STYLE (Mom)-
This blog is basically a mom and daughter sharing their take on fashion. My daughter is at that age where she wants to borrow my things, and I really don't mind as long as it's returned in the condition it was in when she borrowed it (yeah right). My daughter and I really don't share a similar aesthetic so sometimes it's interesting to see her in some of my things!